Infinity Movement loves movement and we use Pilates as our foundation to further movement knowledge and education.


As well as our years of teaching experience, we literally have thousands of kilometres of movement experience having been active in the triathlon scene for years as wells as aerial arts, yoga, TRX, kettle bells, weights, boxing and Les Mills instructing - the only dancing has been on the dance floor.  

From those kilometres came accidents and injury. The lessons for rehab were personally learnt – Pilates was the foundation to rebuild, recover and move forward. It lead to an even deeper look into the body and brain and the self talk needed to trust again. Endurance racing teaches many lessons, including the patience and commitment needed to work on ourselves and with others. We base our workshops not only on the latest research but also on personal experiences.

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Run Lighter, Run Faster.

More and more people are taking up running as their hobby, marathons still being the ultimate race.  From 2008-2018,1.3 million people finished a marathon! Running can take it out on your so we bring you this workshop – Pilates for running.  In it we cover exercise that target the movement patterns that running needs and build the deep stability and strength to help you stay injury free. This workshop is open to all, trainers and or runners or both.

The Art of Walking

Walking (gait) is the easiest mode of transport available to most of us, unfortunately it is not the one used most often. With modern transportation and convenience, it is easier park closer to the door, taking the car when it is a 10 minute walk and standing on escalators instead of walking.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for the body, as a baby it is the ultimate goal; we crawl as a stage to get to be able to walk then be able to run and move from A to B quicker - it’s in our genes and evolution.  Join in this workshop to learn about your walk, how to make it more efficient and for trainers how to see ‘a walk’.


The Pilates Challenge

This workshop is a challenge, so we open it to trainers and advanced clients only.  All equipment is used to prepare your body to be able to do some of the hardest of the Pilates moves. We take just 6-8 people for this workshop so we can provide you with the deepest embodiment, understanding and mentoring of the method.


Training the Eye 

To teach exercises to clients is the easy part of being a trainer, seeing how they move and then correcting them while still ensuring they feel successful is an art and what sets a trainer above the rest.  In this workshop you will explore and learn how to “see” the body in different ways and then the what and how to correct for success.



Language matters, the words we use have a huge impact on our clients as well as ourselves and as a trainer it is a good skill to have to be able to change the way we cue depending on who we are training.  In this workshop we uncover your habitual style of cueing and offer you some other ways of being, looking at voice tone, speed of deliver and word use.


The Bones of Anatomy

Tissues are our building blocks (bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) and as we move we have the ability to move from different ‘places’ (also moving from our organs). Mabel Todd was a forerunner in her thought process that we can move from the bones and in this workshop we will explore that possibility and how it feels in comparison to moving from our tissues.



We all know the breath is vital for life but do we understand the effect the breath has on our nervous system and mood and how it shapes our body? As an example, take a deep breath in and as you exhale go “hahaha” exactly as if you were laughing, do this long enough and eventually you will be genuinely laughing – the breath pattern changed your mood. In this workshop we will explore the breath, breath patterns and how our breath affects us physically and emotionally.


Emotional Body

Your body tells the story of your past, but it doesn’t have to be the future.  Stories are held in our tissues and that affects how we present ourselves to the world.  Learning what to undo and what to keep hold of assists us in moving forward in the world and shedding the unwanted heaviness.  In this workshop we’ll explore firstly our own ‘story’ and then what we can see in each other.



Not everyone loves feet, but without them life can be challenging. They are the first contact point with the earth and are the signal sender up the chain. They effect our posture, how we move and are often neglected.  In this workshop we will learn more about these amazing feats of engineering and what we can do to keep them strong and flexible.


Movement files. 

Do you remember what you used to do as a kid? We typically played, skipped and jumped around – sports and gymnastic and so much movement that we may not do nowadays. These ways of moving are still in the patterns of your brain but what happens over time is we overlay them with beliefs that we can’t do it, fear of injury and a body that is not used to moving.  The good news is that those files are still there and we can access them.  In this workshop we will play with movement and bring those files to forefront again.


IronMan and Pilates.

An IronMan is long event, the maximum allowed time being 17hours, the fastest in the world stand at 7 hours 45 mins (male) 8 hours 26mins (female) – it’s a long day mentally and physically and the lead up to a race is also demanding on both.  Pilates is a great addition to tri training for any distance, or for any of the disciplines individually.  In this workshop we explore the moves that give the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ as my coach used to say – triathletes don’t have much time and how awareness through Pilates assists on race day.

Corporate Pilates

We sit a lot and with the world changing and we work more from home, this tendency will likely increase.  Adding in regular movement breaks is a must to keep energy and blood flowing through the body and to the brain – which increases creativity, improves mood and overall wellbeing.  In this workshop, for both trainers and non-trainers, we will look at easy ways to put movement into the day, whether it be in the chair or when we go for a coffee. 

Coaching and Pilates

The brain and body are intricately linked yet we have somehow disconnected them.  Using the two together to explore “who we are” and “what beliefs we hold” is powerful and Pilates as the tool for movement assists to release stuck patterns and free our mind as well as our body. In this workshop we will explore language, questioning and how to combine this with certain movement patterns to assist learning.

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