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Your Body's Story

The more we have delved into the skin in which we live to create the Infinity Movement Teacher Training, we never ceased to be amazed by its complexity; from its physical form to it as an emotional body to a spiritual entity - and yet there’s beauty in its simplicity. We have been collectively teaching movement of various forms for over 40 years and been educators for over 10 and Lisa has been a life coach for 6 and over that time we have seen a fair few different bodies move, move in different ways, with different abilities and awareness and enjoyment of movement as well as different mindsets and beliefs about self.

At the end of those hours, the conclusion we’ve come to is that we are all made of the same physical stuff but we’re put together so very differently mentally and emotionally and this affects how we move. These differences are based on and formed by the way we grew up, our history not only of movement and exercise, but also our emotional life and beliefs and how we see our body and ourselves.

If we stop and appreciate these differences, it is possible to accept others as they are, their abilities and their gifts; as well as accept our own. Every “body” has a story that shapes them; your body's physical shape, your moving posture, how you move in general and the energy you radiate - they all add up to tell your life story. Have a look around next time you go to a coffee shop or wander around - stop and pay attention to bodies and how people are in their physical form; first we request you say 3 good things about (previous blog) – their clothes, that they look friendly, they look strong, balanced, happy, energetic, kind… etc. Then look at them a little deeper, are they relaxed and flexible, floppy like a rag doll, or rigid with little flow to them? Do they seem comfortable? Do they look lonely, happy, sad, loved? What might this tell you about their life to date? What story might they have lived? What beliefs might they hold? Are they joyful in their life? Did you notice if they looked more tensioned somewhere ? If so where and what might they do to create that? By seeing the body and then taking a moment to consider a person’s story, and we all have stories, it can help to stop the critical voice that says they are too fat - thin - tall - short - disproportioned - dark skinned - light skinned- all the assessments and comparisons we make about and with others …… and therefore of ourselves, judgement of others is really judgement of ourselves. What’s your body telling the world? What’s your story?

Love yourself, body, and all your past - it made you who you are today and creates possibilities for the future.

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