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Perception vs Reality….

How we think we look and move and how we actually do are often 2 completely different things. Perception is our reality, but possibly not the trainer’s reality. When it comes to the way we move, we often don’t know what we look like, we only know how it feels.  Mirrors can help to a degree but so many people dislike looking at themselves. So I often video or taken photos of clients doing exercises that push them a little bit out of their comfort zone, or are things they think they are ‘bad’ at…..

The result …

“WOW” is usually the first word.

Followed by, “I actually look pretty good doing that” or ” I didn’t realise I looked like that (in a positive way)”. Of course I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t believe the result would be the above – but the confidence this simple method can build in people is unreal.

As an instructor we aim to look as good as we can when we demonstrate, we don’t know whether we look that good to be honest and there are some things that our body is not great at – we are human (really we are!!).  But we can be placed on pedestals, when in reality you the client move just as well as us – and yup sometimes better!

3 GOOD things If you have photos taken of yourself moving (or even just photos!) – I’d like to ask you to do this as soon as you look at yourself –  before your say anything else : SAY 3 GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOUR MOVEMENT AND/OR BODY.

Yes I have written it twice so far because it is that important. Many of us have a negative self image, bits of our bodies’ we don’t like, or the fact we think we can’t move well, aren’t graceful or flexible enough or can’t do it.

Look at your picture/video and go WOW – I can do it. 3 GOOD THINGS ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK AND MOVE. Oh and next time you look at yourself in the mirror…. say this I’M GORGEOUS. X

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