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What to think about when Moving

What practising Pilates Mat Work can teach us…

I have always had a regular movement practise whether it be Pilates, running, TRX, some yoga, bands, balls, swim, whatever, I move. I like to move and it is a priority in my day and I have come to realise without it I am not such a nice person to be around!. I have also learnt that 30 minutes, heck even 15 mins is plenty some days, enough to clear my head and bring in good energy!!

Different training offers different mental as well as physical opportunities. Swimming for me for example, is meditation in the water. 123 breathe 123 breathe – that’s it, that’s all I repeat and it feels so good! Running keeps me more present. When I run I start to think and then I lose my run so I become present in the action of running and so not think! TRX, weights, circuits give me the opportunity to be creative with my workout as I think on the spot what I am going to do.

Then it comes to Pilates and yoga. I am biased to Pilates over yoga for various reasons. It has been my passion and profession for over 17 years now and is much more than many give it credit for or even realise. Still working on how to get the benefits of Pilates across and make it as sexy as yoga seems to be – or those of us who know how good it is should keep it quiet!!!....

I move in different ways, often based on how I feel on the day, my energy level, what training I did the day before, what I might do the day after and go with the flow. It’s a nice way to train, no particular goal other than to tune in to what my body needs. Plus movement is a great tool for self-coaching – or for me as a life coach to use with a client.

As I move these are the sort of questions that come up and the cool thing is that yes they apply to the movement on the mat – but just as powerful is that we can ponder them for life off the mat

Where do I need to be strong at the moment?

Can I be strong in different situations? In movement in different orientations to gravity

How can I be strong and soft?

Where do I need to soften?

Who do I need to be softer with?

Can I fall/wobble with grace and continue calmly?

Where do I need more balance in my life?

Where do I need to go with the flow?

How does my breath help me?

How much better does it feel when I allow myself to let go?!!!... (yeah I know).

Maybe some of these thoughts might help you and please don’t feel you have to do Pilates to ponder them. I would suggest you go for a walk though as movement is a great way to calm the system and bring rhythm to the body, helping you to consider the question. If you find your thoughts wander off on a tangent, no worries it’s normal – ask the question again or a new one and see what comes up. The aim is to not go down the rabbit hole of negativity and why why why. This is how movement works so well as it keeps positive energy up! Enjoy the process, go with the flow and have fun along the way.

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