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What is the CORE???

(The) Core – possibly coming from the latin ‘Corpus” meaning body… so what is the core if the core is the body?

Pure definition is way too long and too many bits to it, what came up the most is ‘centre’.

If you google "core" (with and without ‘the’) –  the centre of fruit, a movie from 2003, a compact speaker, something to do with shopping, core curriculum and a core cider.

At this point I stopped going through the pages.

I googled “core anatomy” – oh yeah here we go – six packs, muscle images, everything except your appendages (my body no longer has arms or legs .!?!?), and of course how to work it – or what doesn’t work it..!!?!?

We seem to have a fixation on ‘the core’.

One of the main definitions I liked was:

“the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything”  of anything…

So what is the the centre of the body – that will be our “core” – the innermost most essential part of us.

Our 6-pack!!!!  I truly hope not, if that is our most essential part then we are in big trouble.

I researched a bit further and looked into the centre of mass and centre of gravity – which are in the same spot when we are standing (in good posture). (By the way they move as soon as we move and are not always in the same place and are sometimes outside of our physical body).

According to one site the center of mass is behind the 2nd lumbar vertebra – which is about an inch higher than the belly button.

Another says the centre of gravity is at the level 2” below the navel.

Yet they are the same???…


Being a Pilates trainer we talk about the ‘core’ all the time – pull it in – lift it up – navel to spine – narrow the waist – zip and many other cues. If you know me, you know I question things – lots.  I have gone through phrases of not cueing the ‘core’ then cueing it, then not focusing so much on it but other ways …

Bottom line is – people like to work their physical ‘core’.


To get the look?

As a society, especially through media, we are fixated on the look of the 6-pack, it being the epitome of health and fitness.

Someone with a 6-pack is not necessarily a functional mover, or fit, or stable or less prone to back injury – depending on whose research you read, a strong rectus (6-pack) from so many crunches can be detrimental to spine health….  Of course they might be.

Ok back to the question – what is the core?

It is all of you – physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. All of these are essential for us to be human beings.

It is your whole body and being;  which cannot be separated.

It may change depending on where you are in space physically, and emotionally depending on how you chose to react to life’s situations, and through our lives our beliefs and core values change – the way we view life and ourselves and what we believe in spiritually/religiously.

It is our ability to move into and out of our “core/centre” and return to it – that’s what trains all of it. Staying open to life.  Being off balance physically.  Stepping out of our comfort zones mentally.  Having emotionally agility.  Being open to spirituality of whatever form.

An ending thought – if you train your physical core – what training do you do for the others?

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