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What is PILATES?

What is Pilates – deep down and under the choreography and the principles, what is the point of the method?

Joseph Pilates was an amazing guy, who got things wrong, was a tyrant at times apparently and who was passionate about helping people move and feel good in their bodies whether they be a person off the street, an athlete or a dancer or somewhere in between….

His passion was in health, moving well and bringing life back to the body. 

I personally feel that somewhere along the way this got translated into moving with such control you hardly move and not always enjoying the movement.  This for IM is not Pilates and has meant that Pilates has received a reputation that it does not deserve.

IM - we teach movement and we teach it to the person in front of us – what they like doing (most of the time), who they are and how they feel about themselves as a mover. 

Is this Pilates, yes it is – does it follow a set structure – not always no, is this way successful – yes; most of the time!….

Pilates is movement, all movement is Pilates depending how you view the body.  We can teach someone to swing a kettle bell and still keep true to Pilates beliefs – however we don’t need to call it ‘Bell Pilates…”… or maybe I should!!?

That is the strength of the method – Pilates is a way to look at how the body moves not just the exercises Joe came up with.  We consider the bones, the tissue, the muscles, the feelings that go along with the movement, how much tension is or isn’t required.  We focus on how to move from the inside as well as take our bodies into the external world, bringing awareness to self in all ways – oh and having a conversation at the same time too….

We love the feeling at the end of a session with someone when they feel so much better in themselves – they walk away lighter, happier, more at peace, calmer, relaxed or sometimes ready to head out to play sport.

This is Pilates – movement with purpose and that purpose is both in and out of the studio.

Pilates is a way of



and Enjoying the ability of our bodies

whatever Size,


or Ability.

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