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FOLLOW YOUR BLISS for an overall sense of wellbeing...

How to find it and when you do, what are you meant to do??... Where am I following it to?

Joseph Campbell said

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”

“The life that I ought to be living is the one I am living”. I’ve heard that before from the philosophers – the “where you are is where you’re meant to be” and also is it what you have created?…. A coach said to me once “Lisa, design your life”, I didn’t quite get it for a while but a few pennies have been dropping recently.

How does that help with my bliss and what to do with it? And you know, you might have more than one bliss, who said there can be only one?!? (Highlander….)

Let’s ask ourselves these 5 questions….

1. When you do lose track of time and are in the ‘flow’, what are you doing?

2. When you wake up and the day is totally YOURS and you think of possibilities for the day, which one(s) makes you feel the most enthusiastic? What do you want to jump out of bed and do?

3. If you think about never doing …………………. again, what happens to you feel?

4. When are you at your calmest and what makes you feel the most alive and present?

5. What are you afraid of if you did ‘follow/do more of your bliss’?

I always thought following my bliss meant it became my career, which is a possibility. Please, just because you answer the above and they help you see your bliss – please don’t go and quit your job!.

If I may share my answers to these questions, maybe it will assist you with yours.

1. The Eastern philosophies talk about being in a ‘flow state’ and this can happen in various ways. For me it doesn’t mean I have to meditate to achieve it but that can certainly help. Flow (my definition) is when you are doing something and before you know it you haven’t been toilet for hours, and you have to almost force yourself to stop. I find this when I get into a drawing, I actually set limits sometimes on how much I’ll do otherwise I’ll stay up super late.

Education and coaching are others. When I coach someone or teach Pilates courses and workshops I feel alive. Courses I can keep going and would if I didn’t pay attention to the students and the looks on their faces! The looks of “brain ache” and information overload!

I used to find the flow when I was training and racing for triathlons. There is a point where it all feels effortless - I think that’s more the zone than a bliss though.

2. If I am mid drawing, I definitely want to carry on the next day – doesn’t mean I do as there are other things I need to do, but that’s how I feel. I almost pull myself away from it. It’s the same too for sharing information – like blogging, it’s not quite education but I love doing them when they are for ‘me’ as in not for any publication. I have enthusiasm for both and it would depend on my mood which I’d do.

3. To answer this, we need to take making money out of the equation. If I never ….. oooooooo this one is hard for different reasons. If I could never train/move again that doesn’t make me feel particularly happy. If I could never do another Pilates workshop again or put my ideas out there, I’d feel I hadn’t completed a cycle in my life but I’d be okay. If I could never do art again…..I’d be a grumpy bitch!! From that I feel that art and education more than training are my thing.

4. Calmest – when I have done my movement for the day and then when I am drawing. Most alive when I am working with people to coach, rehab, educate.

5. Here’s the reality…. If I followed the bliss of art – the fears of ‘not good enough’ ‘lots of art out there’ ‘I’d never make money’ etc etc all whir around. Hence “don’t quit your job…”. That fear is a little there with Pilates and coaching too.. the “not good enough, don’t know how to, and I don’t want to ask (people will say no….)” thoughts.

Your bliss may be your paying work (movement education/coaching) it may be your hobby (training) and it could be a hobby with a possible source of income (art).

Now we have a clearer idea of what our bliss is … so what?

Let’s say your work isn’t your joy in life, but heck you need to do it right to live! Now it’s a case of finding the balance in the day / week to manage the ‘don’t wants’ vs ‘bliss wants’. I do not like admin and paperwork, but I know I have to do it (or pay another to). It’s like rewarding yourself – for me I say “Lisa do this, this and this then you can sit and enjoy your pencils”…. Bliss! Movement is a must in the day for wellbeing – it’s a non-negotiable. There were days when I was Pilates personal training that I didn’t want to, but well it was my money maker so suck it up and do it. If your bliss becomes your main income, will it still have the same feeling? I coloured in a design for my mum recently, and it didn’t have the same feeling to doing it, it was an interesting experience!

Summary?.. I’m going to change one word so that it makes more sense for me at least.

Not follow but DO your bliss(es) as often as you can, all the things in life that bring a smile to your face and light you up. Some days it may not be possible – another day maybe more. That’s that thing in life called “balance” or “moderation”…. Life isn’t all rosey and happy happy. I’m wondering if we know what brings us joy and we can figure out a way to ensure it is in most of our days - life will be ………. Maybe it will be the one you are already living after all... For me, just doing art for me because I love it, putting videos together because I can and have some cool stuff to say.

Letting go of the outcome of doing them both, and doing them because they bring me peace – maybe that is ultimately bliss…

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