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Movement for what sake ?

Most of us know it’s good for us to move in some way or other; get our heart rate up, the muscles working, blood pumping and a good sweat cleans out the system. “Strong” muscles, flexible joints and good alignment typically lead to a pain free life…

A bigger question to ask is what do you like about moving -more than the health benefits and the hormones that get released, what is it that makes us do or not do movement?

I have been through a few movement phases in my life and at one stage I probably was overdoing it, endurance triathlons can mean a lot of training. I was lucky that my body overall could handle 4 years of high load (Pilates had set me up well…) and any issues I had weren’t due to the training but daft accidents!! Why did I do so much? And then why do others make the choices they do? I no longer train that way, I now play again with movement – still with my Pilates base and thinking behind everything I do.. The thing I do love is to run, but I overdid hill running and am now back to a walk run strategy – so be it at least I can do some short run!! I use it not just as physical exercise but mental too – it helps me to ‘run out’ any negativity and brings some clarity to my thinking. Walking does the same, it’s a therapy for me. I can also switch off when running, focus on my breath or foot fall, take in nature around me. - there are emotions while I run; not always positive during depending on the run - sprints can be mean!!! It’s the determination that comes with it, keeping going when you’d like to stop, and the feel good factor after. I like to life weights too, to feel strong - it helps to keep me injury free, the other plus is I feel solid, grounded in myself and physical being. Then I like to do Pilates, the flow of moving with rhythm, working the deeper muscles, a different focus and allowing my posture to realign. There’s other ways I like to move as well - and each of them brings their own feeling and reason. The thing is do I need a reason at all!? Personally mine is enjoyment, I love feeling fit and healthy - it has been in the past to race well and that is still the case at times with running races now. Goals can be helpful but it wasn’t the be all and end all. When my disc went and I couldn’t train, I adapted to a different body and weight and at the time remembering thinking I was okay with it - it wasn’t until I could do everything again that I realised I wasn’t okay with it. So why move - what is each our own motivation? How much of it is to be fit as opposed to look fit and how much is it to look fit vs be fit - and then fit for what?…. And for those who don’t move - I wonder why not. Even if you are in decent shape - what’s behind the desire to not move? If you don’t know how good it feels to move, what would be the trigger that would get you up and going? For those of us over the top trainers - can we allow ourselves down time, days to laze… It's all very fascinating!…​

The fitness industry and media play a huge part in brainwashing us into how, what, when we should look and be and move like - the latest fads - the 6-pack diet…. At the end of the day, it’s about how you feel in your own skin and about yourself - mentally, physically, energetically, and the emotions that come with it. And how long and healthy a life you want to live. Training brings me happiness - and happiness is a huge factor in a long life.. Our final thoughts - go explore to find what works for you so that you feel like a million dollars, whatever that means to you…

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