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Let's Move!!

What is the right type of Movement for me?

What is the right way to move?!?!.. There are soooooososo many different styles and ways to move/exercise/train – not even sure what to call it, and everyone will have their own opinion which they think is best. Our opinion of what is the best way? We don’t know and we don’t have one! For us it’s the one that makes you want to do it – that makes you happiest and feel alive. We know the wrong way either gives you pain or you have to drag yourself to do it and in either case you are unlikely to continue!

There are guidelines that health organisations recommend – getting out of breath for x time y times a week and that’s a great target. It’s hard in the modern day world in which we live to move, everything around us encourages us to sit – but it doesn’t mean we have to! It is easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and stare at the computer/TV all day, but do try to get up and move as frequently as you can, it will be a step in the right direction – check out our How to Fidget video for some ideas…

But what if nothing appeals to you!?. Mmmmmm difficult. As people who like to move and almost always have (Lisa wasn't a fan of sports at school but she loved gymnastics...), it is not easy for us to not move! We really believe that there is something out there you'll enjoy; sports, classes in a gym, dancing, walking is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body and if you pump your arms even better!!

We were not designed to not move – we are designed to be active and our body loves movement – it is maybe our heads that tell it otherwise! If you are a people person, join a class – if not then headphones and music on a brisk walk, if you don’t like music then just walk! – if you like dancing, heaps of stuff out there!

It doesn’t need to be running which many people equate to being “fit”. It needs to be something you enjoy and you can enjoy more than one thing – Pilates, yoga, tai chi, aqua aerobics, swimming, cycling, the amount of gym based classes is endless and what all the sports available!!…Oh and apps, videos, interactive games if you can’t go out…Or find a friend and you can have HEAPS of fun!!

Our main point – do your best to not simply sit your day away. Getting up and starting is the hardest bit – start with just 10 mins of something. If you already move but also sit in the day – same advise – get up as often as possible, can you stand and work at your desk sometimes? or kneel even? Just get off your butt and you’ll burn more fat (so says science….)

We know it’s not easy to get going whether it is starting new or after a break, baby, injury and we appreciate that and it doesn’t matter how many blogs are out there on the subject (one more here…) but the reason there are so many is because it’s true!

Look at it this way instead and ask yourself “why don’t I move much?” and see what reasons you come up with and then find a way round them – talk yourself into it as opposed to out of it! It is almost guaranteed that you’ll feel better after – more energy, better concentration, more productive at work, happier overall and your body will say thank you…. The benefits far out way the consequences of adding even a bit more movement to your day.

Let’s Move !!

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