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Go Forth and Modify

Being an educator is fun, we get to spend our time sharing our knowledge and experience with those willing to learn and discussing the ins and outs of movement and life. We love it..

The most common questions that crop up as we go through the exercises in the manual are…..

Can I do this? Would this be ok?

Followed by

But the manual says……

That’s one of the reasons we don’t use a ‘manual’ for our training programs, it can be a little restrictive on curiousity and creativity… we LOVE to play!!!

Our response is always the same – know WHY you are doing something, know how you changed, why you decided to and then pay attention to the effect of the change to the body.

If you don’t know why – don’t do it.

The body is simple and complicated at the same time and we all respond differently so as a trainer it is important to be able to change/modify/adapt to suit the learner in front of you.

Giving a client a successful movement experience is vital – who doesn’t want to feel they can do it and if that means we have to modify (which of course can mean making it harder as well!!!) we do … Oh and you don’t need to tell the client it’s easier (clients reading this please ignore…)

Go forth and modify.

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