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Being a Trainer and Educator....

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Apparently very few personal trainers make it past 3 years. For us at Infinity Movement we are way over that so it must mean we are doing ok and love what we do…

When we teach our education videos, courses, workshops or conduct mentoring sessions, we are often taken back to our journeys to become trainers and educators. It takes time and effort to become the trainer you want to be – which we hope is a great one and there are so many facets to it – the exercises are just the start.

To be able to be with the client or trainee means we have to get ‘us’ out the way and leave our 'shit' at home and become present which each person we are with – it is after all about them not us. There’s things like listening to the words you say to a client, your tone of voice, volume, speed, the visual cues you use if they are a visual learner or maybe more direct speech with logic and anatomy? It is noticing how they responded, what they did or didn’t listen to and did or didn't understand. The big part is listening to what the client is saying back to you - through their words, their body and facial expressions you can pick up so many insights into who you are training.

When it comes to planning what exercises / movements to give to the client each time, this is often for us based on what their needs are on the day? How to find out? First of all ask them and then when they start to move, observe what happens? When we chose the moves, we often look from the outside, but what we need to know is what's going on inside for them. Adding on to this, regardless of movement choice, ask then and view “how do they feel in the move?” If it's not "good" we need to change direction.

1,2 or 3 hours of focussed movement a week is amazing – the benefits of exercise and exercise with awareness are well told. When we train our clients, and a big part of our education philosophy is not only about what they do in the session - it is about their awareness out of the session. How are they sitting, walking and moving if they do other training; we encourage them to practise what they learn about themselves otherwise the habits they will return. It's as much what they do outside the session that matters. Practise, practise, practise - what do we all need to practise to stop the habits that serve us no good.

This crosses so much over into coaching and looking into ‘self’. Who we are, the stories we tell ourselves, the beliefs we hold, and the negative voice in our head – it’s no different to sitting each time and crossing the right leg over the left. As we train our bodies, so we can train our minds and vice versa. Can you notice when that devilish voice is shouting loud and do you have the skills to turn it down. Body awareness is the same, it's the on-going practise that makes the difference if you want to make changes. There is always something to learn when you are a trainer, no matter how long you have been in the industry.

As for becoming a trainer, it is an amazing journey, the body is astounding which is why at Infinity Movement we go deeper into the body than just the bones and muscles so we gain respect for the skin we live in. It is an interesting varied career and there are many ways you can venture and learn within it – sports, rehab, coaching, yoga, energy systems and healing – it is quite limitless. For those considering the path of becoming a trainer, we wish you well and hope you are with us at Infinity Movement! Whichever path you are on though, we urge you to read, watch, listen, have a mentor, attend classes, have coaching, go to workshops and never stop being a learner... Thanks

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