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Be Inspired


Inspire definiton: breathe into; to infuse animation or influence; to be stimulated into being or doing.

What inspires you?

Personally it is so much of what takes place on this Earth especially the sun.....

When you see something, someone, someplace – what is it about it that makes you go “wow”, takes your energy to a higher level and propels you into action, provokes thoughts of what is possible for you in life, and lifts your emotional being.

I am always inspired in my profession when I facilitate educational courses, the interest the students show, their eagerness to learn and the dedication to the understanding. They inspire me to keep learning about myself and how I can be a greater trainer, and give better ‘service’ as an educator. Students inspire me.

When I am not educating, I turn to nature. I have often sat and watched ants carrying huge leaves back and forth endlessly, looked up to the birds and their ability to fly, in the park I see dogs running; their pure pleasure at moving so freely. All these can lift me to a higher feeling if I allow myself to drift into the world of ‘not doing’.

Everything in the natural world is inspirational – the way the wind blows the clouds, the way the clouds form, the way the sun shines through the clouds and warms the Earth. The trees as they reach upward to greet the sun’s rays – the way leaves unfurl, flowers open, and insects go about their business of connecting plants that don’t move.

The new born creature (whatever it is) that relies on its mother, the mother dedicating herself to her baby, the bond that is generally formed between the two; inspirational for its unconditional love. The way the new born starts to move and see the world around, tries something – fails – tries again, the marvel of the body in the way it grows and forms and starts to move and the resilience to try again.

Individual humans who have overcome injuries, war, ravages and picked themselves up and carried on. All people have stories and we have no idea what they have done and overcome. Then there are the unseen who silently inspire those around them versus others who are the “larger than life public figures” who have faced adversity, told story and we often feel their passion and are moved into motion. And smiles…. each of us has the ability to say hello or smile at a stranger and that smile might make their day, how cool is that! one simple turn up of our mouth can bring joy to another person.

The Earth is inspirational – humans are inspirational – nature is inspirational – everything around us is – it is truly an amazing world and life – please take care of it as well as yourself and each other.

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