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Back Ache and Possibilities

This video is if you are coming out of back pain and able to move more freely - not if you are in pain. If you have symptoms please go and see a Dr before starting any movement program.

To reiterate; please if you have ongoing back ache go and see someone who can diagnose what the underlying issue is. If you then have clearance, go to someone who can watch you move and advise by seeing you. It is hard to know what to do when you can't see someone and it of course depends on the problem which is why you must have a diagnosis first.

The last blog was my story and some of the things I did to get me back into action, and these ideas are based on that and people I have trained with back issues: after they have seen a Dr / physio or similar.

Slow Down : big one for most people. Your body has forced it on you now, so listen to it, and be kind to yourself (the world won't end...). It is time to tune in to your body.

Awareness : watch your habits like a hawk - how do you go to sit - crosslegged or......, which shoulder do you carry a bag on, where's your computer? etc all of these can exacerbate pain. Then when the pain is gone and life is 'normal' again - still watch out for those habits!

The Core : There is so much written and various ideas about the core, I still sit on the side of ensure your pelvic floor is working (see a specialist please who can do an internal or ultrasound if you have no idea what the pelvic floor is) and that over working/bracing can cause issues. If you try the above video, holding neutral may not feel the best place for you so please roll a towel up and place it under your lower back and let your lower back rest into the towel - not press you back down. Then give the video a go and see if you can hold 'still' without too much effort. The pelvic floor might be an issue if you have had children (whether natural or c-section), been overweight, fallen and hurt your tail bone, had discs do crazy things, or overwork the butt and 'outside' core muscles and other possibilities. If you sometimes leak when you cough, sneeze, jump, run then it is definitely worth getting it looked into.

Move : our body generally doesn't like to be static, find some way to fidget that doesn't create pain. I sat on balls to take the pressure of my butt and I slept on them too and placed them wherever needed, often under my hips on my side. When you start to feel more 'normal' you can start testing the limits, but do know that by doing this you can often cause some pain again.

Not sitting certain ways : even now I am aware of how I sit and I sue the balls!! and if I sit a certain way for too long my body gives me a little warning. If I sit slumped and in a rounded back, not good... I also fidget about and twist and turn - please send us an email and we'll forward our sitting guide to you...

Swimming : or being in a pool and moving about. The water gives us buoyancy and resistance and feels good (for most). If you can't swim, go in the shallow end and simply move about, you can walk up and down (possibly annoying swimmers....).

Walking : it is the most natural form of locomotion available to us, with back ache we often walk like we have had a poo in our pants, but personally I feel doing some walking is better than none. It may not be far and that's ok...

Healthy weight : being overweight adds to load on our body so if you are a little and can lose some it would be better for not only your back but also your overall health.

Mind set and being kind : It is not a happy time and when you are out of it, it is easy to say be kind to yourself - your self talk plays a huge part in healing and trusting your body again. Take it slowly, tune in to the signs your body gives, breathe through some fears and frustrations and do things that help you feel happy. Life will be different for a while and on going and that can be hard to accept, it is another part of the process.

Pain Management : This is not my field and if you are a chronic pain sufferer there are experts in it. I hope there are some and groups on hand near you to help you learn how to manage it...

Hopefully this helps a little towards you getting back to health. It is different for us all but I think patience is a commonality, that was a big lesson learnt for me and an ongoing one in my life.

Please take care.

As with all movement programs, when using our videos, please use common sense. If you have had any recent injuries, surgery or a baby, please seek clearance from your Dr or physio before starting ANY new program. If you have not done Pilates before we recommend our videos – “How to connect to your core” and ”What is neutral”. By performing any of Infinity Movement exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of following any of our videos. Thanks for your understanding.

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