What’s The Infinity Movement Difference? Glad You Asked...

Our passion sent us on a global quest for knowledge over the last 40 years. Learning from masters and gaining deep experience has allowed us to support our own healing and growth of others. Little did we know where this exciting journey would take us at the beginning when we left our careers in business finance and motor racing behind to follow our hearts.

Our multi-dimensional and integrated approach blends the study of movement, biomechanics, physiology, and neuroscience, the connection to the brain and how you think, feel and move, leading to measurably accelerated results for the people who entrust their well being to us.  This is one of the many strengths of the Infinity Movement training methodology - we look at more than the muscular system; we look at all the other systems in the body and how movement assists the body as an integrated whole.  


Movement heals; with a strong knowledge of the body, mind and experience of being movers, Infinity Movement is a rarity in the Movement world.

As well as our years of teaching experience, we literally have thousands of kilometres of movement experience having been active in the marathon and triathlon scene for years as well as aerial arts, yoga, TRX, kettle bells, weights, boxing and Les Mills instructing - the only dancing has been on the dance floor.  From those kilometres came accidents and injury. The lessons for rehab were personally learnt – Pilates was the foundation to rebuild, recover and move forward. It lead to an even deeper look into the body and brain and the self talk needed to trust again. Endurance racing teaches many lessons, including the patience and commitment needed to work on ourselves and with others. 

What you see on the outside is rarely what is happening on the inside, your eyes, ears and heart are powerful tools when it comes to training people.  We will teach you these skills.

We believe there no one “right” way to move or to teach; we teach you how to be adaptable with what and to whom you are training and who you are as their teacher. We empower and encourage clients and trainees to step out of their comfort zone; physically and mentally and become aware.  Our strictness with optimal alignment is paired beautifully with our sense of curiousity to play with movement and breath, there is no one right way. 

Freedom both in the body and in the choice of movement style is vital, and Infinity Movement trainers have unique styles to share with you.  Regarded as the best in each of the 12 countries they have lived and worked in, their international experience has lead them to be highly sought after as both trainers and educators





Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas.  Her Pilates journey began in 2003 and since then she has studied 3 different methods as well as completing the Kathy Stanford Grant Heritage Training in 2014, Gyrotonic and is a Core Align Master Trainer.   In 2010 she became a teacher trainer for Pilates and Anatomy whilst also teaching numerous Les Mills programs in the gym. Her multi-personality enables her to teach to a wide variety of people. She added more to her skills by studying Reiki,  the chakra system and yoga as well as being a top 5 triathlete at the IronMan distance and then becoming a life coach in 2015. The depth of her knowledge into the human being as more than just a physical form continues and this assists her in training both clients and trainers. Her passion is assisting people to realise their full potential by learning about themselves mind, body and spirit.

Lisa Jones pilates teacher trainer
Ana Pernas pilates teacher trainer




Ana Pernas was born in Uruguay and is of Italian descent. After having completed her Masters degree in Business Administration she worked for several years in the corporate world. In 2000, Ana discovered Pilates and was immediately impressed by the significant improvement in her overall wellness as well as running technique. This experience led her to become a Pilates teacher. She obtained her first teacher training certificate in Uruguay in 2004. In order to further explore the world of Pilates she went to the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, from where she received her Advanced Teacher Training Certificate in 2012. In 2014 she took The Kathleen Stanford Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser. Ana moved to Zurich in 2013 to teach Pilates and pursue the outdoor lifestyle she loves. In 2015 she ran the New York Marathon in the US and in 2016 the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland. She has also participated in several Half Marathons e.g. 2017 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in 2015 as well as 2016 in Sarnen, Switzerland. She loves all kind of sport activities and is happy to share her experience, applying the traditional teaching of Joseph Pilates. 






Portia Page, PT, PMA-CPT, has been a Pilates teacher for the past 20 years and in the fitness industry for over 30 years as a teacher, program and fitness director, international presenter and author. She completed the Stott Pilates comprehensive training in 2005 and has been a Balanced Body Master Instructor since 2006. Portia is the Education Program Liaison for Balanced Body and author of Pilates Illustrated. Portia has a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from UCSD and is ACE and AFFA certified. She is also a Cancer Exercise Specialist through CETI and has just completed the 200 hour CorePower Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2020.

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