We are a group of dedicated movement trainers on a mission to share the knowledge we have gained over the last 20 years with trainers from all methodologies. Movement is a huge part of wellbeing, and vital to a healthy life, as trainers the more we grow in our understanding of the body, mind and soul connection the better able we are to be of service to our clients.  Being a movement trainer is a never ending learning career and we look forward to working with you to expand our collective knowledge.

We offer workshops and Pilates Mat Teacher Training that will both bump up your confidence and up skill you to the next level.  Our workshops will soon be available online, until then please contact us for more information.

What will you learn through Infinity Movement:

The Magic of Movement :

Infinity Movement includes all movement modalities and that is what creates magic in the body.  One style does not suit all and through our workshops you will learn from a multitude of methods, various choreography, scientific research upskilling you and the service you provide to your client.
Body Awareness and Mindful Movement: The key to good movement, physical longevity, remaining injury free and understanding how to prehab and follow up rehab from physios and chiropractors.  We use Pilates -inspired movements and principles to focus our movements from the inside out building deep strength.
Cueing and Teaching Skills: Training people is more than the moves and with our training and workshops we also look at the words used when we teach, how to adapt to different learning styles and personalities and take teaching skills to the next level.
Movement for Life: Why do we move at all? And why chose some of the movements in a session.  When we know the WHY behind a move and how it affects daily life it is easier to use and explain it in a training session.  



We also offer 1:1 training clients and mentoring for trainers, contact us below for an introductory conversation.



“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence,

are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.”


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